Rebirth of the Dragons

Session 2 Recap

Our heroes found themselves staying a great night at the Fool and Rose inn. After breakfast the next morning they decided to go to the mayor’s office to find out more about the quest he had posted around town. And Vallo wanted to ask about getting a crystal of knowledge. When they arrived at the mayor’s office, they found quite a large amount of people waiting to speak with the mayor. When it was the group’s turn to speak with the mayor, and after signing a confidential nondisclosure agreement, they found out that there was a problem with the city’s main water supply. The Mayor had no idea what was happening, all he knew that the water stopped flowing and every group of soldiers and mercenaries that went into the area did not return. The group negotiated adding a crystal of knowledge to the reward set for clearing up the problem for Vallo, then agreed to see about the problem. The guards that sent them off to the closed off area were not optimistic about their chances, but let them in after the last group had entered 2 hours previously. They found in the aqueduct a group of individuals who were in the midst of performing a ritual that involved a large amount of blood on the floor. Vallo figured out that the ritual was one of dispelling, centered on the large crystal that was in the back of the room. Lucan tried to talk with the individual that seemed to be the leader of the group but in the end, the group ended up fighting all 5 of the people involved with the ritual. Ultimately, as Lucan was slitting the leader’s throat, they learned the name of the god that the group was in service to, lending credence to the story that the dragon had told the group earlier. The Gods of Evil were trying to reenter the world any way they could. After the battle, the crystal started talking to the group, begging them to finish the ritual and set the water elemental that was trapped inside free. The group did not free the elemental, rather decided that the reward the Mayor had offered was the payment that they were after. When they exited the aqueduct, everyone was surprised that they survived. And as the water started flowing again, they meet with the mayor again, who told them that their promised reward would be at the Mayor’s office in the morning, though Vallo took the Mayor’s crystal of knowledge with him


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