Into to the Campaign

This is a refined version of the information give to the rest of the group for back-story creation.
Ok some world back story and rules to help people write their characters.
• No class or race is restricted but must play your gender
• The year is 324AC
• The AC stands for after cataclysm
• It was not a real cataclysm but it is unknown what happened and except for that it was the end of a 500 year war of magi’s where many civilizations became dust
• Also there is a 3 faction holy war going on (more details coming). Think of it as each faction is similar to the Middle Ages catholic churches. Their god is the one true god and they must destroy the unbelievers. This has lead to a different registry of people who get their power from a deity. Each faction has a capitol think the Vatican. Though many outlying areas do not care about this registry just the magi one.
• There is a major mountain range that snakes through the land. There is tundra in the southern part of the continent which has one Vatican. Part of the West coast is swamp land with forested valleys between the swamp and the mountain. There is a large desert on the east side of the mountain range with another Vatican. And a large forest and rolling planes to the north with the last Vatican. The mountain range has many tunnels and cut through them and 3 dwarven cities (names and locations to come).
• That’s it for now will update with more this is considered common knowledge
• Vatican’s and their gods
The desert Vatican is home of Pelor
The Tundra Vatican is home of Sehanine
The Forest Vatican is home of Melora
• Players can not believe in the holy war, and there will be no infighting because of it. Not everyone in the world believes in the holy wars either.

Current Team

Nix, Gnome Bard played by Shannon
Rodrigo, Human Rogue played by Sean
Quine, Human Cleric played by Tyler
Gormek, Orc Warden played by Mike
Vallo, Githyanki Artificer played by Morgan

Rebirth of the Dragons